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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Bread-Baking Aids Pottery-Making..Who Knew?

Izzy spent the late afternoon, involved in his very first clay class at Greenwich House Pottery. He was the youngest student, the sole four-year old in a group of six to nine year olds. I hesitated to bring him to this class but it was the only opening that worked for us and the school director encouraged us to give it a try. I sat in on the first class to see what transpired.

At first I thought it wouldn't work out but I completely impressed with how the teacher, L. managed to direct the first project. All of the students made bowls and then one free-form object of their choice. The bowls were made out of long snakes of clay that the children rolled out. I was so thrilled to see Izzy's bread baking skills have another use! After having watched me prepare the challah last week, he was able to roll the snakes like a pro.

L. was very patient with him and gave him and the other students, individualized attention. He worked intently on his bowl or flower pot? (not sure what it is) and then went on to create a "volcano." Next week he will get to paint the pieces and they will be fired in the kiln. He was so excited he immediately wanted to know if we would be going back tomorrow.

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