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Monday, September 24, 2007

Would You Drink It From A Box?

I would not, could not, from a box.

I would not drink it with a fox.

I will only drink it with fresh berries,

straw or blue and maybe cherries.

Do you remember Strawberry Quik? The pink powder that turned ordinary milk a lovely, rosy hue. Back in the 70's, the sky was the limit for milk flavorings around our house. Chocolate, strawberry and coffee. Time was I could not drink my milk without them. Now the very thought of giving Izzy something coffee flavored makes me cringe. I wonder if that stuff had caffeine it it. I no longer have much of a taste for coffee. Perhaps that's the reason.

I was reminded of those milk flavorings while Izzy and were at the lovely Shoprite the other morning. He came face to face with our modern-day version, Horizon Strawberry Milk in a small individual juice box size. He was drawn to those tiny boxes, luring him in at kid-range. Now there are certainly worse things that he could whine for but I still had not interest in buying that for him. I have nothing against flavored milks but would prefer to make our own.

The inevitable whine arose. My response, "You can't have that but we will make our own at home." Lately I have been using this tactic to discourage unhealthy food purchases and it has been quite effective. It usually stops him in his tracks. The downside is, now he thinks we can make everything at home. "Mama, can we make our own Cheerios? " or "Do you think we could make our own chocolate?" Hmmm..while I ponder those questions let's get back to strawberry milk.

When we got home, we simply tossed 4 large berries into the blender with 3/4 cup of milk. Voila..cold, frothy and delicious. No small box to add to landfills either!

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