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Friday, September 28, 2007

School Snack Report: The case of the dark cornbread

This was a banner snack week at Izzy's preschool. C's mom prepared quite a smorgasbord of treats for the children, centered for the most part, around a Fall theme. At the beginning of the week, Izzy couldn't wait to regale me with tales of eating not one, but two bagels with cream cheese. Later on I heard about banana bread (false), sliced grapes and cheeses. Today each child came home with a small paper bag with a cookie cutter and play dough (Since when did gifts become part of snack? B. you are going to be a tough act to follow!) I must say that I was tickled to hear about the great efforts that C's mom has put into snack and I hope that the others follow suit.

Getting the snack lowdown isn't always that simple. Today, Izzy and I were sitting on the stoop when he mentioned what he had for snack.

"We had cornbread. It was brown. It was dark cornbread."

Hmmm.. I thought to myself, interesting.

"Cornbread isn't usually brown. Are you sure it was cornbread?"

"Yes it was made with the dark kernels from Indian corn"

This explanation seemed plausible, especially when he proceeded to tell me how he spent all morning tweezing kernels of Indian corn as one of his Montessori "works".

Later on this afternoon, I learned about Izzy's snack interpretation. We went for a playdate with some classmates and I asked them what they had for snack. The reply?? PUMPKIN BREAD!!! I couldn't stop laughing..Dark kernels of corn indeed!

Perhaps my snack reporter is not as reliable as I had once thought!

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