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Friday, September 7, 2007

Homefooding? What happened to Izzy's lunch?

I toyed with the idea of homepreschooling but decided to send Izzy to a Montessori preschool that happens to be conveniently located just steps from our house. The teachers and staff turned out to be fantastic and last year, everything was hunky-dory, minus a few snack unpleasantries.

The new school year began just a few days ago so it is too soon to say, though Izzy does seem pleased to go there every morning. Things must be a bit chaotic as they tend to be at the beginning for today Izzy's lunch was not munched, in fact, it seems that some of it had gone missing.

I typically pick Izzy up after lunch and today when I went to get him, I was told that he was "still eating." I waited patiently for him to come downstairs, even though I longed to run up and sit with him. It is nice to have company while eating.

When he finally straggled down, his lunchbox seemed full. He told me that he didn't have time to finish. When I opened it up to examine it I saw that the corn was gone and he had only eaten one tiny sandwich. I asked how he liked the corn and he said, "I didn't eat it." I asked where it was and he replied, "In the bag." Well it wasn't.. Then he said, "They put it in the microwave and forgot to give it to me."

Peculiar. Izzy always eats his yogurt but it remained in his bag untouched. He was also somewhat crabby when he is usually chipper. What when on in that lunchroom today? I know Montessori methods encourage eating independence but was Izzy supposed to take his own corn from the microwave?

Last year Izzy begged to stay for lunch and I hope that by next week things calm down and a routine is established. I certainly don't want Izzy (or his classmates) to be rushed through lunch. It should be a relaxing, calm time for them.

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