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Saturday, September 1, 2007

Sushi Sadness

What have we done? We turned Izzy into a sushi fanatic. This seemed like a good thing since we love sushi ourselves but things have changed. The more we read about the state of fish (dwindling fish populations/mercury content/pcbs) the less sushi we want Izzy to eat. Izzy's papa is particularly sensitive about this and feels that we need to limit Izzy's sushi intake to once a month, whereas I thought once a week would be okay.

Izzy had requested sushi last night and I said we couldn't have it because his papa wanted something else. He was sad but I consoled him by telling him that maybe we could have it tonight. I hadn't yet heard about A's new 'once a month' policy.

When we were debating tonight's dinner, Izzy heard us and said, "Why can't we ever have what I want? I WANT SUSHI..The debate continued and soon an adamant demand turned into a whine and when we finally decided that we would just stay home and have pasta, Izzy broke down sobbing. Part of the reason for the breakdown was that he was simply hungry and after he snacked on some prosciutto and cheese he calmed down.

We haven't had sushi in about a month now so it is high time we eat some soon. What we plan to do is try to introduce more vegetarian options so that Izzy craves other Japanese dishes too. We shall see how that goes..

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