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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Partial To Purple

I developed a penchant for the color purple in second grade and it has stuck with me for my entire life. Back then, if anyone had told me we were going to have purple potatoes for dinner I would have thought it was some kind of joke. Who ever heard of purple food?

Izzy has. A bowl of purple potatoes, placed before him, doesn't even seem to phase him a bit. He ate them with great pleasure, noticing that the skins were almost a purplish black and the interiors light purple. I prepared them simply, with a mustard vinaigrette. They were one highlight of our CSA inspired meal which also included Black-Eyed Peas with Shallots, Red Peppers, Tomato and Parcel(finally another use for that overpowering herb).

These black-eyed peas, served with rice are can be a simple meal, in and of themselves. Best of all, they are perfect for your child's lunch the next day.


Basically just saute in olive oil, either one onion or a few shallots with half a pepper, tspn mince fresh jalapeno, 1/2 tspn smoked paprika. Throw in a can of drained black-eyed peas(or two but increase other ingredients). Add one chopped tomato, tblspn parcel and simmer a couple of minutes..voila.. You can alter these ingredients to suit your taste.

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Anonymous said...

I love it! One of my first meals for Noe was a purple puree of purple carrots and purple potatoes from the farmer's market. She loved it . . . and she looked adorable covered in purple paste. :-)