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Saturday, September 8, 2007

Ronnybrook Farms Milk Bar: They "Were" Good Eggs

Dreams of dairy - organic eggs, cheeses, and ice cream led me to the Ronnybrook Farms Milk Bar at Chelsea Market. I had gone in hopes of scoping out the place for a future excursion with Izzy. I am quite familiar with their products from buying them at the Union Square Greenmarket. While pregnant I needed my weekly fix of their Raspberry Truffle ice cream and Izzy would recommend their drinkable yogurts, especially the mango. Sadly my imagination conjured up an experience far different from the one my friend D. and I had today.

When we arrived, D. and I managed to find two seats at the counter where we perused the menu which was full of possibilities, both for breakfast and lunch, not to mention the desserts. We both settled on the same breakfast meal of Cast-Iron Eggs, Country Ham and Potatoes.

We waited and waited. No beverage, no food. Something was clearly amiss in the kitchen since nothing seemed to be emerging from it. We were surrounded by disgruntled diners who had also been wronged.
When the eggs were finally set down before us, they were overcooked and rubbery. D. guessed they must have been forgotten. Not only that but the eggs did not come with toast and when we requested some, one of the sullen servers did not even offer it to us for an additional cost. Was this meal a complete flop? Not exactly. The menu had potential and the decor had an honest, homegrown appeal.

I can only hope that today's experience was an abberation. I will definitely return with Izzy, even if only for the ice cream since I can assure you that it is a wonderous, rich and creamy delight. I will wait for things to even out a bit before trying the food but I will do it again because I know those were good eggs.

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