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Thursday, September 27, 2007

So Many Bananas, So Little Time

On almost any given day you will find a bunch of bananas on my counter, more often than not, they are too ripe to be eaten so they patiently await their fate. Will it be bread, cake, scones or garbage (sadly some do reach that point of no return).

I have three recipes that I return to over and over again which help put bananas out of their misery. One is cake, one is bread and the last one is scones. I wanted to make the bread last night and I was inspired to veer from my usual banana bread (New Joy of Cooking) and try David Lebovitz's version. It seemed like it would be slightly healthier than mine since it had less butter (well come to think of it, it made up for butter with the addition of sour cream).

I mashed up about 5 bananas and doubled his recipe. I also substitute a third of white flour for wheat. He ponders whether it is a cake or a bread. To me it was definitely a bread, especially because I baked it in loaf pans and it wasn't overly sweet. Sliced it makes a perfect snack for kids and the addition of wheat flour makes it seem healthy enough. I liked it well enough but I might need to do a taste test with my usual recipe. I think that mine might actually be lighter and finer...


Anonymous said...

L-I would love some of the banana recipes...I am always using them and the abusing them,by trashing them! Adove

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this! I'm laughing, because at the moment I've got a half dozen bananas on my own counter that are headed for the bread/cake/scone fate. It seems ever since we brought Noe home we've had a surfeit of bananas--as if by having a child in the house, one MUST have too many bananas too ;-).

I've also been using them in this frighteningly good banana rum cream pie from Gourmet -- http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/food/views/237682.