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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Salmon Gefilte Fish In The Making

Izzy the sous-chef, dons his chef whites to help add salmon chunks to the food processor. He insisted upon being professionally garbed for the task. In fact, he said he was the "real" chef since I didn't have the proper outfit.

Eggs and matzoh meal are added to the processed carrots, parnsips, onions and salmon. Izzy prepares to pulse.

The final paste before it is formed into gefilte fish.

Izzy sampled one as soon as it came out of the pot. Yummy. Yummy. Yummy.

Salmon Gefite Fish Recipe here.


Anonymous said...

Fantastic! I love seeing Izzy in his chef whites. How adorable! Oh, he would probably hate that...

I mean, how handsome and manly.

And you talk about my hot dogs. This looked like a pretty big enterprise. I have to admit that I didn't know Gefilte fish was something you could make. I thought you just bought it in a store.

Spoken like a true Catholic.


Anonymous said...

Yum those look delicious makes me wish I had married a Jewish man so I can have him hire someone to make them for us :-)