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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Food Shopping Can Be Perilous...

If you travel by scooter, as I have taken to doing on an almost daily basis. I also don't own the proper scooting shoes or outfits, which undoubtedly adds to the danger.

So there I was this morning, on my way back from my almost daily run to Pecararo's Bakery for my fix of "Pizza Bread" and other breadstuffs. My bag, brimming with bread dangled about the handle bars of my scooter as I made my way down Newark Ave. I set one foot down and then other, pushing off and coasting as scooters do when suddenly I found myself on the ground, scooter atop me, bread tumbling around and my body twisted into a pretzel. I miraculously stood up, seemingly unscathed. I assured the onlooking gawkers that I was fine and gingerly wheeled my scooter across the street, before hopping on and slowly finding my way home.

Although I suffered no outward injuries, my body ached all over. I suggested to A. that perhaps I have a broken rib (which he immediately pooh-poohed). So now I imagine I have injured my spleen (whatever that is) or some other part that will burst in the night. I have unknown pains that I simply hope will disappear.

Is it any wonder that I crashed my scooter? I even have difficulty steering a granny cart!


Anonymous said...

Oh no! I hope you're OK.

Your scooting tales make me nostalgic for Jersey City.

Your accident makes me feel like I'm in good company. I'm an avid runner, and at least every two years or so, I have freakish falls in very public places. My last required me to run two miles home, gushing blood from the elbow.

Anonymous said...

I'm a bit of a lurker on your blog, browsing through past entries (obviously)... I ride a motorcycle everywhere & manage pretty big grocery hauls, without saddlebags--I have a sportbike model. Your bag might've caused a snafu in the bars if you were turning. Otherwise, I've known clues. Falls are just an inherent, and accepted thing when it comes to two-wheeled transportation. Anywhoo... since a tank bag isn't an option, I highly recommend using a backpack or using bungee cords to strap a small box to the tail of your scooter. In time you will learn what I call 'grocery tetris'... you can get some surprisingly large hauls on two little wheels once you get this art down. :D

I'm a foodie, pregnant with my first, hoping to raise my child on 'real food' (frustrated as a nanny to four kids who refuse to eat much more than frozen waffles/hotdogs/ect) and your blog is a great inspiration! Thanks for taking some time out of your day to write it; it's a great source of hope and advice.

Anonymous said...

errr... 'no clue' for the previous comment. Mommy brain is affecting my typing faculties apparently. :P

Izzy's Mama said...

Leena: I hope you have curtailed your motorcycle riding now that you are pregnant? How do you plan to get around with baby in tow? Apparently I cannot use a backpack because it will put me off balance (so says my husband) so right now I am just taking it slow.

Don't be discouraged about what others' kids eat..You will raise a gourmand..I hope I can help!