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Friday, August 15, 2008

Picky Eating Encounters: Things They Don't Eat

Excerpts from the day:

While feeding the goats at Emery's Blueberry Farm (yet again), we came upon some guinea hens (which, from afar, I had mistaken for chickens). S.,the adorable seven-year old daughter of my nearest and dearest friend asked what they were.

Me: They are a type of bird that people eat, like chicken.

S.: That's disgusting.

Me: You don't eat chicken?

S. Only chicken fingers. And fish fingers. And Taylor ham. Those are the only meats I eat. And beef on a stick.

Me: Oh.

S. I tried steak today and it was disgusting.

Me: Really, what kind of steak was it?

S. Cheese steak.

Me: That might be disgusting. Where did you eat it?

S. At summer camp. It had American cheese on it and I don't eat that (not such a bad idea I thought to myself).

Me: Well real steak is very different. It is delicious. Izzy loves it.


Later on, at dinner with stepmother's nieces and nephew. My dad was grilling some wienies and toasting up buns.

Z. (upon receiving his wienie): This bun is toasted I don't eat toasted buns.

(wienie is quickly placed on an untoasted bun and then..)

Z. This hot dog is burnt. I don't like burnt hot dogs. (hot dog is quickly replaced and it is time for ketchup).

Me: (In order to avert the next bout of pickiness)Where would you like your ketchup? On the top or bottom?

Z. On the top.

His sister, noted this and quickly added that she too did not eat burnt buns or wienies..it was a contagious pickiness that spread like wild-fire around the table.

I intervened and told my dad to cease with the bun toasting. Kids just don't seem to go for burnt foods (perhaps that is wise on their part).

All the while, Izzy sat quietly by, savoring his Buffalo Hot Dog (D'Artagnan). Thanks to my stepmother, L., who knew that Hebrew National just wouldn't do.

Now mind you, some might consider me to be the pickiest of them all. But what do they know.. I am simply discerning.

Oops, just when I thought I had had my share of picky eaters for the day, I came across this bit of absurdity. A family has created a Facebook group to encourage their 15 year old to eat vegetables. Which then reminds me that I just witnessed my nephew, now almost 12 , from a family of vegetarians, polish down two hotdogs and a hamburger, nary a vegetable in sight..hmmm. Does he need a Facebook group too?


Anonymous said...

daniel just wanted to point out/correct that he had two hamburgers as well as two pieces of corn, and not two hot dogs and a hamburger. and, in his words, "corn is absolutely a vegetable"

Izzy's Mama said...

J.: I stand corrected on the double burger front and I did mean to change that. Corn, on the other hand, is not so much a vegetable as a grain. It is mainly starch and has far less nutritional value than say, a serving of broccoli.

Anonymous said...

but still..... a vegetable to some extent.
more so than no vegetable at all, that is..