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Friday, August 31, 2007

Soul Flavors Scene: Jersey City Comfort Food

So much for naysayers, we love Soul Flavors, a new soul food restaurant on Grove Street in Jersey City. Izzy and I had our first introduction to Soul Flavors one evening when they were handing out samples in front of the place. The succulent morsel of beef ribs I tasted had me hankering for more.

As soon as we could, Izzy and I returned for a full portion of that luscious meat. We received one hunk o' meat, cooked to silky sweet tenderness. Paired with spicy, tart collard greens and macaroni and cheese, Izzy and I had a meal with leftovers. The cornbread was a perfect accompaniment to this hearty meal.

We have since eaten the oxtails which are another example of slow-cooked meat at its best, though beware of the spicy polenta which even my spicy-seeking husband had trouble swallowing.

We have only tried a few items from the menu but from my vantage point, each passing dish looked worth trying and everyone seemed to be happily eating their meals. I hope Soul Flavors gains a large following and that the naysayers are outnumbered, which from the looks of the contented diners it seems they already have been.

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