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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Fairway Fancy

Today was one of those rare weekend days, when I found myself without Izzy. He was being entertained by his Papa and so I had the afternoon off. And where did I find myself? Food shopping on the Upper West Side. First at Zabar's and then at Fairway, not the smartest places to be on a Saturday afternoon but the pull was simply too great to deny.

If you are not familiar with Fairway, you ought to be. I just stopped in for a few items because navigating its aisles on a Saturday can be truly nightmarish. As I glanced around I began to long for the days when it was my local supermarket. If I could pick only one place to fulfill all of my shopping needs it would be Fairway. Since I moved to Jersey City, Fairway has taken a backseat to Union Square and Whole Foods, which are conveniently located in the same area.

The problem is, I NEED to go to Union Square so I frequent Whole Foods by default. Perhaps I need to rethink my shopping routine. Without Fairway, I have been missing out on so many things; like French vacuumed-packed beets, French soft dried fruits, all manner of produce imaginable, an incredible olive bar, amazing cheese, and all manner of new products, olive oils, soaps etc., not to mention the newly renovated organic section upstairs, and all at the most reasonable prices imaginable. The shelves are crammed with goodies you have yet to hear about.

This afternoon, I entered Fairway with arms already full of Zabar's purchases so I was forced to leave with only the container of dried apricots pictured above and a bunch of organic broccoli for tonight's dinner. As I walked toward the subway, I vowed to somehow put Fairway back into my shopping routine. If you would like to join me, let me know!


Anonymous said...

My New Years' resolution is to read Izzy Eats every day!!

Izzy's Mama said...

Whoever you are, sounds like a great resolution to me! If only 1000 others would have the same one, I would be in business!