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Sunday, December 2, 2007

The Nutcracker: A Holiday Tradition In The Making

I remember attending the Nutcracker at Lincoln Center with my grandma when I was a little girl. I don't think it was a yearly tradition but I remember it as a very special occasion. Something that could have been a great winter tradition but for one reason or another, never quite made it.

Thanks to my dear friend L., I was able to turn this fond memory into a real tradition for Izzy and me. Her daughters dance in a local performance of the Nutcracker and a mighty professional one at that. Izzy and I have been attending for the past three years. We started when he was two and half and have been going ever since.

L. has added her own twist to the tradition by preparing a hearty brunch for all of her friends and family who attend. She puts together an ample buffet, including salmon frittata, chive biscuits, french toast, yogurt with fruit and granola, and homemade sausage patties. My scones, served with clotted cream, added a sweet note to the spread.

This tradition must live on because not only is brunch my favorite meal but eating all of these rich dishes before the performance seems to keep Izzy calm and attentive throughout.

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