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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Consolation Prize: Little Red and Jacques Torres

playing with food before the play

Instead of a plane trip to the Dominican Republic, we found ourselves in a car on the way to New York City. I haven't had the heart to tell Izzy that not only has our trip been postponed, it has been changed. We may go to Florida instead, stay tuned.

But for today the plan was to divert his attention. So our friends R. and M., picked us up this morning. I found us a play in the East Village, called Little Red, which turned out to be far worthier than its tiny theatre and tiny price would imply. For just eight bucks, we were treated to a musical review and alterna-tale of Little Red Riding Hood, featuring vegetarian wolves, a hip-hop loving red riding hood, a grandma who said "Oy" and mother who squelched her passions through baking. All this in 40 minutes definitely deserves an extended run. There are still a few performances so RUN, don't walk to get your tickets!

After the show, my plan was a trip to the Jacques Torres shop on Hudson Street. Izzy and his friend M., were screaming for a snack and with the luxury of being in a car, we sped over there and parked in front. Thick hot chocolates and croissants were had by all. The classic version was preferable to the orange. Basically they have a hot chocolate bar and a few scattered tables. I was disappointed because it certainly wasn't a place to linger with kids, make sure you go to the loo beforehand, as there are none on the premises. The most appealing aspect of the experience is the view of the production line. The kids were riveted by the workers creating chocolate bunnies and other sweets behind glass.

The shop is a chocolate-lover's paradise, from chocolate-coated caramel corn, to chocolate-covered cherries and everything in between. Definitely a great place to buy gifts and have a quick chocolate pick-me up. Izzy and M. were satisfied with their hot chocolates and didn't even request other sweets.

By the end of the day, our canceled trip seemed just a vague memory. Here's hoping it remains that way.


Anonymous said...

My favorite part of the play were the vegetarian wolves :-)


Sarah said...

Mmmmm... My friend + I made Jacques Torres our first stop on a chocolate tour of the city last weekend. Picked up a heart-shaped dark chocolate lollipop for Leah for Valentine's Day (the remains of which are hidden in the cupboard for ME).