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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Liberty Science Center: Play and Eat

The Liberty Science Center is a great way to while away a few hours. Weekday afternoons are ideal after the school crowds have dispersed and the space is left for local kids to romp and enjoy. Parents can relax as kids jump, press, pull and experiment. There are live animals, interactive exhibits and even what seemed to be an enormous cockroach terrarium. What more could you ask for?!

We went there today to celebrate Izzy's friend C.'s birthday. It was just the two of them because Izzy won't be around for C.'s big party. They played with C.'s younger brother D. who climbed up to the top of a climbing apparatus and became too afraid to descend on his own. I was so proud of Izzy when he offered to rush up and "save" D. He tried to gently prod him along (and did pull on him a bit too vigorously) but all and all he did assist in getting him back down.

After an hour or so of excitement the inevitable cries for drinks and snacks arose. I usually bring my own snacks but all I had was an apple. I had no choice but to agree to getting something at the cafeteria. I was relieved to discover that they actually have a small organic section with Horizon Organic Milk and applesauce which Izzy was more than happy to eat.

They also have a none too shabby-looking salad bar and some hot food (which had no appeal, given a previous experience with Mac and Cheese).
Granted they also have a section of candy and other less healthy snacks.
Yet f you pick and choose wisely you can find something healthy and satisfying. Cafeteria food sure is looking up these days.

So if you are seeking a stress-free afternoon, look no further than The Liberty Science Center (easily accessible from NYC as well).

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Joseph Bayot said...

It sounds awesome. I should bring my niece there. I haven't been back since they remodeled it, even though I've heard so much about it from everyone. So many of my friends worked there when they opened it back up.

I'm sure I would miss the touch tunnel though. I always had fun with it when I was there on school trips.