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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Shopping At Murray's: More Than Cheese

I had no idea there was a short strip of shopping paradise on Bleecker Street. Sure I had stopped in at Murray's on occasion, for a hunk of cheese but never really paid any mind to other items in the store.

In the past few weeks, I've had a bit of time to linger at Murray's, while Izzy, the prolific potter, molds clay around the corner at Greenwich House Pottery. There are all sorts of choice morsels to be had. From Niman Ranch Pastrami to alici anchovies and everything in between. What didn't I want to try?

There are fresh pastas, olive oils, pastured eggs, yogurts of all kinds, in-house cooked meats (of the turkey, pork ilk), sweets (chocolates galore) a small ice-cream freezer and countless other goodies that I have yet to unearth. The only thing missing is produce. I am in awe of how much wonder is crammed into that small space and I have yet to mention the one foodstuff (from the dairy section) that has me returning to Murray's for a weekly fix (deserving of a its own future post to be sure).

While shopping today, I spied Rob Kaufelt, the owner of Murray's and Nina Planck's boyfriend. If that isn't a match made in food heaven, I don't know what is. She, the champion of Real Food, with a boyfriend who provides a never-ending supply. What more could one ask for?

Celebrity musings finished, back to today's groceries. I picked up some marinated artichoke hearts, Niman Ranch Ham, an intriguing Vermont cheese (more on that after tasting), and some ridiculously expensive eggs, which must be the ones Nina spoke of at a reading once. Back then I wondered why her eggs cost $6 a dozen while the ones I buy at the Greenmarket cost $3..I will need to do a comparison.

Until then I need to go to sleep. Good night eggs, good night moon, good night all that Murray's crams in one room.

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Bean's Mum said...

"Goodnight Moon" for the locavore set! I love it!