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Monday, February 18, 2008

Cooking Instructions From The Wienie Man? (A childhood song resonates)

I know a wienie man (He lives on our block).
He owns a wienie stand (He parks it in front of his house).
He sells most anything (not really).
From hotdogs to ham (hotdogs, soda and water is all).

Some day I'll join his life (very doubtful).
I'll be his wienie wife (he's already married, me too).
Hotdog, I love that wienie man! (have never even bought a wienie from him, they're not organic).

On weekdays, you can find the wienie man in front of Hamilton Park. He and his wife are a hardworking couple. We often see them pushing their cart past our house on their way to and from work. Every now and then, Izzy asks, "Why don't we ever buy hotdogs from the wienie man?" Hmmm.."Well we don't eat the kind of hotdogs he sells. They aren't organic."

Organic hotdogs or not, Izzy is somewhat in awe of the wienie man. And apparently has observed him carefully. This all came out at lunchtime today over some Niman Ranch Fearless Franks (not exactly organic but made with humanely raised beef and no nitrites).

If you know me, you know that hotdogs are a rare meal around our house. The older Izzy gets, the more I hear about how his best pals at school seem to lunch on cut-up wienies on a regular basis. I explain that we only eat wienies at home, and only on special occasions.

Today turned out to be that special occasion. Our cupboard was bare and the only thing I could conjure up was a frozen package of wienies. I figured a wienie was a good way to celebrate President's Day, especially if honoring our current one. When Izzy saw the package he was delighted so I boiled up two and placed them on buns, along with a small salad.

Izzy immediately requested some ketchup on his wienie. I began to squirt some on the dog when Izzy stopped me. "Don't you know how to put ketchup on a wienie, mama?"

I explained that I never used much ketchup and that I wasn't fond of it. He proceeded to tell me that the "right" way to apply ketchup was directly on the bun. "How do you know the right way to put ketchup on?" I asked.

"I saw the wienie man do it."


Anonymous said...

So love this entry. It's funny that your son is obsessed w/the wienie man and my son is obsessed with the song. Thank you for posting the words for the world to read. Truth be told, I'm begining to like the song myself. Maybe it's that I'm longing for simpler life -- one where a fella follows me around with a cart of really deliciously gross food. D.

Joseph Bayot said...

Haha, I used to see that hot dog man almost every day when I used to go to McNair Academic, either on my way to Basic or Isabella's, after eating my brown bag in the park, or while occasionally buying a hot dog of course.

I like grilled/griddled dogs a lot more though, a la your friendly neighborhood Gray's Papaya.

Joseph Bayot said...

Oh also, I would send you an e-mail but I can't find an e-mail link on your blog.

Anyway, I wanted to start a regular grocery shopping schedule and wanted to ask you for any recommendations/advice you can give me.

I just recently started buying my own groceries and even more recently, started paying more attention to freshness and to local, sustainable, organic, etc. products.

I plan to subscribe to a CSA in the spring/summer with my sister (whom I think you've met,) but I would still like a place I can rely on for staple foods and emergency purchases, while still being quality.

I have a car, but I would prefer to walk. I also like going into the city, although supporting Jersey City markets would be great.


Izzy's Mama said...

D: I knew you would love it! What's wrong with a fella who follows you around with a heap of khakis?

Joseph: I like a grilled wienie myself but now can't stomach the thought of Gray's Papaya (though I have eaten them long ago).

Too tired to reply to your other post. How do I I put an email contact on my blog anyway..I will get back to you on your questions soon! Good to here that you are into shopping locally etc.