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Thursday, February 14, 2008

No Lamb Roast For Izzy?

There were those heart cookies for Izzy (and other hearts for me). And then a bouquet of roses and some chocolate truffles arrived, along with my husband. Meanwhile the world's tiniest roast was marinating on the kitchen table.

Izzy was in dour spirits, which came with the realization that he was not going to be included in tonight's festivities, specifically our dinner. It is so rare that we do not dine together, that it was especially disconcerting to my dear boy.

He saw the lamb marinating and was gravely disappointed to discover that he would not be partaking. A few hours of whining ensued, to the tune of, "I don't want five pierogi. I only asked for four. Why are there more potato than cheese? I will NOT eat the extra potato. Why are you going to eat that lamb without me? Could you at least save some for me for tomorrow?" And on and on it went, culminating in high-pitched singing up the steps and while brushing teeth. Lights out at eight and not a peep to be heard since.

Meanwhile the tiny roast was sizzling in the oven. I came down and put the potatoes on for mash, and some asparagus on to blanch. Blue cheese and bread to nibble, red wine to sip. Valentine's Day Dinner was in the making.
p.s. Izzy will have roast lamb and mashed potatoes for lunch tomorrow.

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