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Sunday, February 3, 2008

The Dreaded Peanut Allergy: Please Say It Isn't So

My poor Izzy. I have been very cautious about giving him nuts and I held off on doing so until he was well over three years old. He has had small amounts of them since with no ill effect and I began giving him a bit of peanut butter a month or so ago.

Yesterday, after having eaten some apple slices slathered in peanut butter (a great snack for the allergy-free), he broke out in a horrible rash which began on his neck and crept up and down his body. Splotches and welts, puffy eyes and lips. The doctor recommended some treatments and said it sounded like a food allergy, possibly peanut.

The rash began on Saturday morning and although it has lessened, continued until bedtime tonight. We already started to eliminate any possible peanut sources from his diet until we see the doctor.

This whole food allergy thing is scary, particularly if it is a deadly one. This will be a whole new food world to navigate, not to mention the epi-pens and other paraphernalia.

As for eating at home, it probably won't impact our cooking too much. I have never been particularly keen on peanuts anyway and we don't really eat much that contains them but it seems that above all, his chocolate consumption will be curtailed. So many packages of plain chocolate post warnings about being wrapped in factories that process nuts or peanuts. My husband suggests ridding our home of all chocolate..What a dismal prospect. There must be some peanut-free chocolate out there. If not, I will make some!


little muumy said...

Oh that's awful!! I also fear the nut allergies because Bijan's sister is deathly allergic to walnuts. She can't even be in a room where someone has used walnuts! On a plane ride last year they offered us something that I fist thought was peanut butter, but on further examining it it turned out to be sunbutter made from sunflower seeds. I have been in search of it and found it at wholefoods. I really like it and Kamran does too. It's great with apples and celery :-)

Izzy's Mama said...

It is pretty awful but I still hold out a shred of hope that it is an allergy to something else. As for sunbutter, I doubt that will be for us since after eating raw sunflower seeds once, he broke out in a rash.

Anonymous said...

Have you investigated whether or not one can take epi pens aboard airplanes? I imagine you can but you must need a note from a doctor or something. I imagine it could be quite stressful at the airport if you arrived unprepared for a scene with security about epi pens. You should look in to it. Nutcracker Mama