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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Scrounging In The Kitchen: Making Do

In preparation for our trip, I had cleaned out the fridge, save for a few things that could remain for a week or so, without incident. That was Friday and it seems that I haven't shopped in days. I missed my regular Wednesday jaunt because of bad weather though I did manage to sneak into Whole Foods on Thursday and pick-up some of my favorite in-house roasted turkey, which is a lunchtime staple. I suppose that is when I picked up groceries for Valentine's Dinner but even though I probably spent over $50, I didn't really buy anything for daily consumption.

So what have we eaten since Thursday you ask?

Izzy: Green Split Pea Soup
Me: Turkey sandwich with romaine lettuce and mayo

Izzy: Turkey sandwich with mayo
Me: Leftover lamb and mashed potatoes
A. Leftover Zans Cans Chili

All of us: Whole Wheat English Muffins with cream cheese and jam

Izzy and I: Roast turkey sandwiches again
A.: Wasabi peas (apparently he doesn't always need to eat)

All of us: The worst rendition of pasta with bacon and eggs (next time it is good, will post the recipe)

All of us: Blueberry Belgian Waffles with Diced Mango

Grilled A. and I.: Avocado/Cheddar Cheese Sandwiches
Izzy: MORE Roast turkey, this time with romaine and mayo

Dinner: Saved from facing an empty fridge by Grandma Laurie who invited us for dinner. Zipcar came in handy for a quick trip to Grandpa Joe's house.

We were greeted with these decadent little appetizers ( if I had only known we would not have had grilled cheese for lunch!). Mini-truffled grilled cheese squares..

The meal continued with a large salad, full of raw mushrooms, radishes, cucumbers, peppers and other tidbits that we usually don't have at home. Izzy was somewhat suspicious and only agreed to a few choice tidbits. He was clearly concerned about the rest of the meal and asked, "Is this all we are having for dinner?" It occurred to him that if he didn't eat the salad, there might not be anything else.

Lucky for him, a big casserole full of chicken vindaloo arrived beside him, with a smaller casserole of basmati rice. He was happy to indulge in a large portion of the vindaloo which contained plenty of vegetables, including parsnips and broccoli. It was definitely amongst one of our healthiest meals this weekend (if we forgot about those truffled grilled cheese bites... ) Thanks to Grandma Laurie, we managed to have at least one proper meal this weekend.

Definitely an odd weekend in the food department. I imagine that tomorrow the days of self-imposed scarcity will end and I will manage to get to the supermarket.

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