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Friday, February 15, 2008

Journey To An Unknown Food-World: POSTPONED

The trip was booked almost a year ago. We had agreed to join my father and stepmother, L., at a resort in the Dominican Republic. Now mind you, we are not resort people but who turns down a trip to the beach in February?

Izzy and I had been perusing the resort's website, imagining ourselves splashing with mermaids in the hot sun, fashioning sandcastles and sipping cool lemonade. Truthfully I think Izzy was imagining returning to the Jersey Shore, since that is his latest beach memory. I, on the other hand, was beginning to fret over what we would eat there. I had heard tell that "all inclusive" resorts were not necessarily known for high quality food. As my stepmother L. mentioned, "Don't expect to find organic."

Despite our reservations, Izzy and I were duly excited for our upcoming trip. He actually packed his suitcase a few days ago and I had begun to pack mine (with plenty of snacks, just in case). Then, late this afternoon, the phone rang with some rotten news. My dad's passport expired on Monday and he would be unable to join us. I was disappointed but Izzy was distraught, sobbing over his lost vacation. It was late afternoon, never a good time to break bad news to a child and his cries were pitiful.

When he finally calmed down, I discovered an odd light at the end of the tunnel. We would be able to attend his great friend, C.'s birthday at MARS 2112 next weekend, which will surely be another sort of journey to the unknown.
And, we have a new date for our trip in March and hopefully everyone will be able to make it.

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