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Sunday, February 3, 2008

Venison Sliders: A Most Brilliant Invention

I couldn't stay away. Ox on Friday, Ox on Saturday. This, my fourth visit, ostensibly for a night out for fun with friends, was in reality just an excuse to return to inhale the most sublime of bar snacks, the inimitable Venison Slider (a photo will surely be provided upon my next visit).

What is a Venison Slider you ask? It seems to be a chopped venison patty(combined with something fatty?), topped with cheese and placed on a mini-brioche-like bun, held together with a toothpick and a cornichon.

I am not a true burger eater. I do not wax poetic over White Castle or other mini-burgers of that ilk and nowadays the thought of eating a burger worries me unless I know the provenance of the beef. Was it grass-fed? Locally raised? Despite those reservations about beef, I ask no questions about the Venison Slider and this is why.

It is a burger creation which appeals on so many levels. Flavor and health are the first that come to mind as well as the unexpected use of venison in a burger. I can eat venison without worrying about contracting "mad-deer disease" and I can assume that it was permitted to graze. Haven't heard of grain-fed deer yet, have you?

Perhaps the owners of Ox have started a trend and Venison Sliders will begin cropping up on menus everywhere. Not that they could equal the original. So go now, to the Bar at Ox and grab a slider while you can. You won't be able to eat just one.


Anonymous said...

I will never get over the venison sliders. I will love them forever. I want the world to know about my love for them. Let me jump on a couch. Wanna make paying homage to them a regular gig? D.

Izzy's Mama said...

Are you talking a weekly dose? A nice thought but unlikely. I think I need the recipe!!

Anonymous said...

Weekly does seem a bit much. How about once a month? D.