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Saturday, May 19, 2007

The Birds and The Boobies

You may not know it but Jersey City is home to some nesting Peregrine Falcons, one of only 18-20 pairs in the entire state. My friend J. sent us the link to the live Webcam and Izzy and I have been riveted ever since.

They live in a nestbox, perched atop one of the tallest buildings in Jersey City. It is there that we can watch the Mama bird caring for the two fledglings. She is either off in search of prey, or home feeding and warming her babies. We have even seen her bring home what looked like a pigeon for her little ones to eat. Izzy and I have been observing them for about two days now.

This afternoon, the following conversation ensued:

Izzy: "Hey Mama! Look what the birds are doing."

Me: "It looks like the Mama bird is nuzzling the chicks to keep them warm."

Izzy:"No, I know what they are doing. The Mama bird is giving them boobie."

Me: "Birds don't have boobies. They are mammals."

Izzy: "These kind of birds do."

Hmmm...If I didn't know better myself, I may have thought the same thing, considering how the mother positioned herself over the babies.

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