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Thursday, May 10, 2007

S is for Sharing Sweetly

Izzy and his friends I. and I. were all playing together this afternoon when I. decided it was time for a snack. All of the others were hungry too. I's mom gave him some organic fruit leatherish item to eat.

I watched in amazement as I. so generously offered up his snack to the others. He actually held the fruit leather up to their lips and fed them, mama-style, only taking a bite for himself after having fed the others. He continued this round robin snacking, offering the others more bites until it was all gone.

After that, Izzy was clamoring for something else. H. said there were some bananas in the kitchen so to get one for Izzy. When I brought it up, I suggested that he share it. He proceeded to take the banana from me and offered bites to his friends, following the wonderful example that I. had set!
What a sweet sight!

When we got home for dinner, Izzy was still quite hungry and able to eat much more for dinner than he had eaten the night before.

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