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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

One Boy's Scone is Another's Chocolate Chip Cookie?

Apparently not. Izzy and I prepared scones this afternoon for his friend I. who was coming for a playdate. These were Izzy's creation, the Chocolate-Chip Banana Scones. They filled the house with that lovely, inviting baking smell that wafts in when you open the front door.

The scones were in the oven when his friend arrived. I had barely removed them when Izzy came to inspect, trying to sneak one, while his friend played on, showing little interest. When I invited them to come eat one, Izzy ran to the table while his friend seemed skeptical and after looking at them announced that he didn't want them or like them or some such thing.

His mom tried to entice him to try one by saying, "A scone is like a chocolate chip cookie." This did give him pause and he took a bite and then he realized he had been duped. He said, "These aren't like chocolate-chip cookies and he put it down." I had to agree..I would liken it to closer to a muffin or a small cake. Nonetheless, he wasn't convinced and he became the first of Izzy's friends to turn down a scone..

That doesn't mean we won't try again..

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