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Friday, May 11, 2007

Izzy Goes to Bed With No Supper: Sad Story

Poor Izzy. He had such a long day today. After school we made our first foray into the city without a stroller. He said he wanted to take his scooter instead. He scooted all the way to the Path station, and then, after we got off the train he scooted a few blocks to Doodle Doo's for his haircut.

We went right back to Jersey City and met his friend O. for gelato at Babo. The two then played together before going home.

I was planning to make rice and beans for dinner but A. had other ideas. Since he is leaving for Europe tomorrow, he wanted something more. Marco and Pepe was what he had in mind. I knew in my heart it was too late for Izzy but A. promised to meet us at 7:00 p.m.

Izzy and I arrived first. We ordered our appetizers and kept scanning the door for signs of Papa. We had been there for about a half hour when the food came out. But Izzy refused to eat. He said he was waiting for Papa. The only thing he agreed to eat was some bread with butter.

Papa finally arrived after 7:30. By the time we ordered our main courses, Izzy was so tired, he lay his head down on my arm and fell asleep. Not even the arrival of his lobster risotto would rouse him from slumber.
So A. and I had our dinner and an actual conversation, while Izzy slept through the restaurant clatter.

At the end of the meal, A. picked Izzy up and carried him, asleep, nearly the whole way home. He woke up two blocks from home and was somehow in a pleasant mood. Once home, we discovered had a fever and he went straight to bed.

And I am left to ponder. What is a mother do (when no babysitter is around)?

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