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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Today's Snack Rumour

The news from preschool was that Izzy was feeling hungry and a tad crabby at school today. This because he only had some pineapple and a few bites of bagel for breakfast. When I asked if he had snack, his teacher, Miss B., explained that he didn't like the snack which she described as a sandwich with red cabbage on it. He claimed that he ate it and liked it..I am intrigued..He said, R.'s family had brought in this unusual fare. I applaud them!

Meanwhile, Izzy ate his lunch super-early, at 11 and told me that when he asked for snack the teachers wouldn't give it to him. Perhaps because they were in the park?

For future reference, Miss B. suggested that I send Izzy's unfinished breakfast along with him to school. I will try this tomorrow!

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