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Thursday, May 3, 2007

Sandbox and Cupcakes: What more could a boy want?

Lately, Izzy has been begging to go into the city on a daily basis. I raised him to like the NYC playgrounds so now I guess I have to follow through, even if I am not always in the mood.

It was a brilliantly sunny day so we took the Colgate ferry to Battery Park to spend the afternoon in the sandbox and to frolic on the grass. Snack time would be an opportunity to explore Tribeca Treats, the newest cupcake eatery in the neighborhood, located on Reade Street which is about a 15 minute walk away.

At about three-o'clock, I began to feel some pms hunger pangs and suggested it was time to find a snack.I had no trouble coaxing Izzy to join me when I explained where we were going. On the way there, it seemed further away than I had anticipated but I pressed on in hopes of making a new discovery. We found the sleek, artfully designed shop empty, even though it was after school. The aroma of vanilla wafted up as we moved toward the counter. On display was an array of prim looking cupcakes, too neat -looking for my tastes. Another item featured was the sandwich cookie, which they offered in a variety of flavors. They looked remarkably similar to those sold at Craftwich. So it came as no surprise when I read that the pastry chef/owner of Tribeca Treats is a big fan.

Izzy immediately voiced his interest in trying the chocolate with chocolate frosting and I chose the red velvet with a white cream cheese frosting. They had several other flavors to choose from, including vanilla with peanut butter frosting and one featuring coconut. The red velvet cake was moist and the texture was fine but it was lacking in much flavor and I had difficulty detecting any cocoa overtones. The chocolate cupcake was also moist and the frosting fudgey yet still not my ideal. I also tried the sandwich cookies. The chocolate with caramel filling was satisfying but not quite up to Craftwich standards and the Chocolate with vanilla filling was mediocre.

Izzy definitely satisfied his dessert craving here. Apparently his friend M. was also smitten since one would not suffice. After having consumed her cupcake in less time than it took to pay for it, she proceeded to throw herself into quite a dither when her mama wouldn't buy her another one. The drama was so high that Izzy was left holding his ears and the owner and I were exchanging sympathetic glances. Thankfully her mom escorted her out.

When all was eaten and done, I was left with a trite taste in my mouth. The eatery does appeal to kids but for me a cupcake is the embodiment of homey comfort and these seemed too slick and perfect in appearance. The shop seemed designed with cupcake chain in mind.

On the upside, this is a good place to stop if you are in the neighborhood and need to satisfy the kids' urge for some cookies or cupcakes with milk. The venue itself might also be useful as a party venue and they do feature a small array of baking paraphernalia and cookbooks which would come in handy for last minute gifts.

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Anonymous said...

Oooo -- I will have to try it. You know, my side job is Chief Cupcake Quality Control Surveyor.