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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Greenmarket News Flash: Sprout Creek Farm Has Returned to Union Square

I was on my usual Wednesday Union Square outing when I came across what for a moment appeared to be a new cheese vendor. When I honed in on the product I did a double take, as I spotted the names of some long lost cheeses. Sprout Creek Farm had stolen my heart last year and then left without a trace. Well they are back at Union Square on Wednesdays with some new offerings. I noted two old favorites, Barat and Ouray, along with some goat cheese and ricotta. I can't wait to conduct a cheese tasting with Izzy. I did bring home a small sample of Toussaint and I hope I manage to save a bite for him.

I find this most exciting because Sprout Creek Farm was the first and only farm that Izzy has visited. We went last Spring and he still holds a fond memory of wandering the grounds looking for a pig (today they told me they didn't have one). We also saw goats and sheep and a few hens meandering about.

Maybe this is a harbinger of more farm visits to come. Here's hoping!

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Anonymous said...

You must try their new cheese, Sophie. It's devine. My family and I enjoyed it over a bottle of wine at Rivendell Winery last weekend.