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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Not Quite A Day In The Park

Today was a looooooong day. Izzy was off from school and we had made plans to join some friends for a jaunt to Battery Park. A rattley cough in the night was cause for plans to change since I decided Izzy needed a visit to the doctor first.

We joined our friends for the walk to the Light Rail and then had to part ways as we needed to take the Path. This threw Izzy into a hideous tizzy. He had an all out screaming, crying, red-faced shaking fit as we made our way to the station. And understandably so, if given the chance which would you choose to do on a sunny day? Go to the Dr. or play with your friends at a wonderful park? Nothing I could say would console him and I received all manner of dirty looks as we boarded the train. He finally calmed down when we arrived at the Dr.'s office. And luckily it was a fast diagnosis. Allergies.

Thankfully we were able to zip downtown and meet up with the friends, still at the park. We lunched with them at Pan Latin Cafe, the closest option in the neighborhood. Don't go expecting anything out of the ordinary though they do boast a decent Cuban sandwich, rice and beans and other foods of that ilk. It is a good option but not a quick one. Each time I go I forgot how interminably slow the service is. It is best to before noon or you will be faced with the Stuyvesant High School students who eat there in droves.

We took our food to go and went back down to the park for an impromptu picnic. Izzy shared the Cuban Sandwich with me, along with a Broccoli Empanada. They carry empanadas with a variety of fillings which are perfect picnic fare, albeit a bit too doughy.

The kids continued to play for awhile after lunch and we didn't end up back home until after four. We made a stop at the supermarket on our way home while I pondered what we should have for dinner. Izzy was exhausted so I knew I would have to make something quick and easy (what else is new?). Details to follow.

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