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Saturday, May 5, 2007

My Cake Pan Overfloweth

Remind me not to experiment, especially when the cake is for a birthday tomorrow. It is nearing midnight as I sit waiting for the cakes to cool. They appear glued to the pan and I wonder if there is any hope of removal. The recipe says to wait until completely cool but at this rate that won't happen until the morning.

I searched high and low for a double chocolate layer cake, one that was touted as "the best", "most chocolaty", richest etc. I found it on this blog, Dine and Dish and I will surely blame this woman, (since who else can I blame?) if I am unable to salvage this stuck-on mess. The frosting sits on the counter, while I seethe at my stupidity. Okay, I admit, it is probably all my fault, since I used 9" cake pans and didn't reduce the amount of batter. Why, oh, why?

I just want a perfect cake for my grandpa's 98th birthday. Keep your fingers crossed that I don't need to remake the cake or rush off to the bakery in the a.m.


Anonymous said...

Oh no... I love that cake! I hope, hope, hope it turned out for you and your Grandpa!
You can blame me all you want, but you'll have to blame the folks over at Epicurious too :)
Seriously though... I hope you were able to salvage the cake and your Grandpa enjoyed it.

Izzy's Mama said...

I just posted about it. Thankfully, the cake turned out fine. You, and epicurious, can rest easily!