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Monday, October 29, 2007

Curdle Rhymes With Turtle: Homemade Yogurt Trials and Tribulations

Since my last posting about yogurt, I had been making it weekly with no incident, until the other day. I followed the same process I always do but this time something was amiss and I have no idea why.

Several hours after having turned the machine on, I went to check to see if the milk was firming up and it didn't look quite right. There was too much liquid floating at the top. So I increased the time on the machine and figured I was just being impatient. I went to sleep and hoped it would still miraculously morph intocreamy, smooth yogurt.

I awoke to find this rancid-looking creation which I sniffed, examined and promptly dumped down the drain. Izzy wanted to know what had happened and I said that the yogurt had curdled. Which then of course prompted, "Curdle rhymes with turtle, mama." Yes indeed!

If you have any clues as to why this may have occurred, do enlighten me. In the meantime, I will prepare for my next yogurt experiment..raw goat milk yogurt. Unfortunately that might have to wait a few days because my dear friend D. doesn't know a goat from a sheep (animal dyslexia?), but that is another story...

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