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Friday, October 26, 2007

Dabbling in Raw Milk: On The Trail of Forbidden Dairy

Ever since reading Nina Planck's, Real Food, I have been hankering for a taste of raw milk. I nosed around Union Square, thinking I might turn up a source for it there but came up empty. Turns out this is because although it is legal to sell raw milk, it must be purchased at the farm. I conducted an Internet search as well but, without a car, my options seemed limited.

Then I heard rumors that a neighborhood woman had organized some type of raw-milk railroad, supplying farm-fresh milk and other dairy products to a small group, on a bi-monthly basis. Since it is legal to purchase raw milk products from farms in Pennsylvania, NJ residents travel there and then bring it back home (or so I thought). Now this seemed like a distinct possibility. I contacted her and received a product list. I pored over it and then for several reasons, couldn't decide if I really wanted to go through with it. That was several weeks ago.

Once the possibility became a reality, I became gripped by fear. What did I actually know about this farm? I didn't know the farmer personally, nor had anyone attested to the state of cleanliness there. Would I be endangering my family (mainly Izzy and myself since A. doesn't really drink milk)?
So I skipped the first order and figured I would see what I could glean from the other participants. I felt for sure that one of them would have answers.
Instead I found that the only thing they seemed to have was blind faith.

to be continued...meanwhile, muse over this.

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