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Friday, October 12, 2007

Stars In My Eyes? Dreams of Food Fame

I know this is far-fetched but somehow I can't resist. Should I send in a video of Izzy and me and compete to be on FoodTV?

I don't even have a television but when I did, it was always tuned to The Food Network. From what I keep reading, it isn't as great as it once was. Perhaps if I could have my own show, I could help return it to its former glory. I might not be quite Nigella, Two Fat Ladies or David Rosengarten but I would certainly do my best to entertain, while providing (hopefully) humor, recipes and sensible food advice, of course.

My neighbor and great photographer E., may actually allot some time from her busy schedule to squeeze in some filming. She has suggested that I get primped for the session too.. I only have a week or so to get this done. Who knows where it may lead. If nothing else, it would be amusing to create this video and perhaps post it here! Please do send some inspiration my way.


Anonymous said...

definitely do it!

Sarah said...

Yes, yes, yes!!!

Anonymous said...

Gofor it!