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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

To Market, To Market: To See Nina Planck?

This may even be more thrilling than spotting Martha at the hair salon. You see, I didn't interact with Martha, I merely glimpsed her from my salon sink, as my head was covered in some seemingly toxic goop, awaiting a shampoo. I don't even know if I would uttered a word to her had I been given the chance.

On the other hand, bumping into Nina Planck was an altogether different experience. I was on my regular Wednesday post-Pilates run to the Union Square Greenmarket. While engaging in my preliminary wander through the market, I saw that someone was being filmed. I stopped to watch for a moment and noted that the woman did look remarkably like Nina, and in fact, as she spoke about some interesting squash, I remarked that she sounded like her too. I didn't really have time to linger and watch her so I continued on my way, smiling at the thought of shopping at the market with Nina in the vicinity.

Later on, as I was discussing some pressing lamb issues with my favorite sheep-lady, Karen, of 3-Corner Field Farm, Nina walked over to have a word with her. As she stood next to me I blurted out, "You are Nina Planck, aren't you (I wasn't 100% certain so I didn't want to assume.") I then went on to explain that I had met her before at the Times Talk (I'm sure she has met many fans before and I was not notable but..) and then I said that I had emailed her and I had a blog. Zing! She said she had read of my Parisian travels with Izzy!! I couldn't have been more flattered.

We chatted briefly before she had to rush off to Julian, her almost year old son. She mentioned something about trying not to get too excited about watching all of the wonderful things he eats. Of course I say, she has every right to get excited, especially as I gather she is providing him with the absolute best in food, as far as local, organic and sustainable is concerned.

My only regret from my morning encounter is that I have no photo to share. Nina is on the forefront of changing the way Americans eat. She has been a great inspiration for me to seek out grass-fed, organic, local eats whenever possible. And I can't help but mention that she should be the poster woman for her healthy way of eating. She is slender, glowing and looked particularly fetching in her woolen shorts. If you haven't read her book, Real Food, you ought to. If nothing else,she will certainly lead you to think differently about the things you eat.

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