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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Not Fava Beans, Fava GREENS

Ever heard of them? I hadn't either until Farmer Rich included them in our weekly CSA haul. I simply love fava beans so I was thrilled to have the chance to try these. One more reason to join a CSA, the opportunity to try something new and unusual.

Izzy and I immediately sampled them, raw. We were both pleased with this new taste. The soft, raw leaves have a mild fava flavor and they would make a fine addition to salads. Izzy even took them for lunch, on a sandwich with mayo. But then I mistakenly tried to cook them (or perhaps I didn't cook them long enough). I sauteed them quickly with olive oil and garlic. This changed their texture considerably and though they maintained their wonderful flavor, they became chewy and less palatable for Izzy. They also wilt rather quickly so if you do get your hands on some, put them in a salad within a day or two.

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