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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Keep Away From Blue Food

Except for blue potatoes and blueberries (and anything made with them like the beverage pictured above - blueberry milk).

Food coloring has been on my mind of late because of the recent news linking food dyes to hyperactivity in children. That these dyes are not healthy doesn't exactly surprise me but seeing the cold hard facts now has me on dye patrol, seeking to eradicate any trace from Izzy's diet.

We don't buy any foods that contain coloring but Izzy may have encountered the Rainbow Goldfish at school and today I heard tell of a mysterious rainbow colored cake he was served at snack time. He claimed that it was not homemade..Question is...what was it and why was it being served?

Meanwhile, in my efforts to rid Izzy's diet of any possible source of artificial food coloring, I realize that my cupcake icing methods will have to change. I just checked the fancy food colorings from one of my favorite baking stores and they are completely artificial. I am now on the hunt for organic, natural food colorings..I have some leads and need to order soon. Halloween is almost here and we may be in need of some cupcakes sooner, rather than later.

If you have any information leading to the purchase of these natural dyes, reveal your sources here!
n.b. I just found a source and a shipment is on its way...

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