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Thursday, October 4, 2007

Not Your Ordinary Snack Week

Izzy has come home nearly each day this week, describing an unusual snack of some kind. I still am unsure as to what exactly they are.

Monday I heard tell of "Pancakes with holes in the middle.' Some friends confirmed the pancakes too but when I asked the teachers they seemed mystified and claimed ignorance on the pancake front. What were these pancake- like snacks anyway?

Tuesday I was regaled with visions of "Rainbow-colored Cakes" which I later heard were some type of homemade Chinese cake. Now I am intrigued.

Wednesday was the clincher. "Mama, I had chicken hot dogs for snack." Well now I had to take pause, step back and stop hyperventilating. Chicken hot dogs? Were they organic? Were they heated? The very thought of meat of any kind being left out on the snack table for two hours just doesn't seem entirely sanitary. Is that really a good idea to serve in a school with no kitchen? I think not. The question is .. Do I bring up another snack issue with the school?

Meanwhile, Izzy has me pondering on the subject of today's snack..He described it as, "Spicy cheerios." Pray tell, what are spicy Cheerios?

On the one hand I am thrilled that Izzy is being exposed to some snacks "outside the box" but on the other I worry about what is in

Who knows what tomorrow's snack will bring? Stay-tuned.

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