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Monday, October 29, 2007

Handling Halloween: A Piece of... Candy?

Past Halloweens were so simple...
When Izzy was six months old, he wore a wizard hat and I wandered around with him in a sling. When he was 18 months old, he was happily clad as The Cat in The Hat, and he and some friends took turns being wheeled about in a red wagon . At two and a half, he was quite the willing chef, passing out treats to all on our street (I led him to believe that Halloween was all about giving out candy and the belief has stuck). He stood outside our house yelling to trick-or-treaters.."Come get candy". He was enchanted with the whole idea of doling out treats to masked visitors.

Last year it was time for more festivities so I hosted our First Annual Halloween party. Izzy chose a witch costume, with sparkly hat and wand. We invited just a small group of friends and had a simple celebration. I made Macaroni and Cheese, a big batch of broccoli and a few other things. The kids decorated cupcakes and I read a scary story. A great time was had by all. Throughout the party, trick-or-treaters came to the door and Izzy ran to greet them. We handed out some of my old favorites like Kit Kats and M&M's and that was Izzy's first taste of ordinary candy.

This Halloween is going to be just a little different, at least in the candy department. I have decided to forgo the sweets of my youth in favor of some Organic Fair Trade Chocolates and Yummy Organic Lollipops. If only they show up on time. As it is October 30th, I am beginning to worry. If not, at least we will still be having our Second Annual Halloween Party and I can support New Jersey's own local chocolatier, Birnn's with chocolate pumpkin lollys for the party goers.

Here I am, deep in the midst of party preparations and completely in the weeds yet while the cupcakes bake, I am stuck pondering over party politics. This party is for Izzy and I allowed him to invite whomever he chose. Unfortunately this meant that some moms I would like to have invited (and their kids too), were left off of the list. I did try to gently encourage but I was none too successful. Izzy seems to know exactly who he would like at his party. Is this wrong? Should I have invited whomever I wanted? Probably not since I don't really have room for so many guests anyway. I only hope that those who weren't invited are not offended. And according to Izzy, he may invite different friends to his birthday party. I shall wait and wonder.

In the meantime, I must frost the Halloween cupcakes...more on those to come!

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Anonymous said...

hey! where's my photo credit!?!! I can't believe that was way back in '05 ... I just looked at pix from last year and remembered what a good party it was for everryone. Sorry we missed this year.