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Monday, October 22, 2007

Homemade Crackers From Cookie (Fiber Favor)

I love Cookie Magazine and unfortunately I was not paid to tell you that. You may not think of it as a source for recipes , but many of them appear to be intriguing and healthy. I might also add that many of their food-related articles share my food philosophy.

I was inspired to try these Flaxseed, Fig and Walnut Crackers since I am always looking for ways to incorporate flax seed and flax meal into our diets. Unlike vegetables, flax is an ingredient that might actually require a slight disguise.

When Izzy was younger and having a few um, uh issues.. I used to add flax to his juice, yogurt, smoothies and cereal. Sometimes he took it willingly and othertimes not. I think that having had an early introduction helped prime his palate for today he was thrilled to nibble at flax in all forms. As he helped me prepare he kept sneaking bits of the stuff, which I must say, is not the most tempting taste.

Izzy was home sick today so I thought baking would provide our late afternoon entertainment. This turned out to be just what we needed since the dough was quite forgiving and child-friendly.

We started by mixing the dry ingredients and then adding the butter.

The mixture looks like coarse crumbs here. Next we poured in the milk (I used whole milk, not soy). The dough looked like this.
What was so wonderful about this dough is that, after chilling, the dough is quite malleable. Izzy was able to roll it and cut out hearts and circles with ease. This project provided over an hour of engaging fun for both of us.
We were both impressed with the results. Izzy thought they were cookies and would not stop eating them. This was fine by me since the whole recipe has about a tablespoon of sugar.
So if you are looking to add some fiber to your family's diet, this is a good place to start and a great rainy day activity to boot.


Anonymous said...

Those crackers look delicious. I wish I had some to go with my soup right now. Can I order some?

janelle said...

heehee. A few years ago I was artfully inserting cucumbers and cooked carrots into fruit smoothies. I laugh though, b/c once I put in an infinitesimally small amount of sweet red pepper and my boys rejected, not so gracefully, the entire batch:).

Good for you fitting in flax!

Izzy's Mama said...

Sarah: Maybe you are on to something..cracker sales?

Janelle: I could see that the addition of red pepper might not be so subtle! I just checked out your blog and will definitely be back to read more. Thanks for stopping by.