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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Dinner Must Wait: A brief interruption

I received this comment from a reader and interrupt my usual tales to share the following:

Here's the thing: I find your blog to be so unbelievably snobby and almost embarrassing. Yet, I still read it. I am French (raised here by my parents and grandparents). So, you probably think that's great, given your self-described "francophile" label. Anyway, I feel like I could rip apart almost every one of your entries. They are so annyoing! My children have been eating all the things your child eats, for the past 15 years. You haven't "invented" anything here. Is there any way you could write about something more interesting or novel? There's potential here.

Dear Dissatisfied Anonymous Reader,

What compels you to continue to read if you find my posts so "unbelievably snobby and almost embarrassing?" Why are you so incensed that you feel the urge to "rip apart almost every one of my entries.?" Surely there is something here that attracts you...perhaps you could let me know what that might be...In the meantime I offer some food for thought.

I have never professed to having "invented" anything. Have you read my blog from the beginning? My early posts may give you some insight into my frame of mind and reasons for writing. I think this blog may serve many purposes some of which are the following: First I am simply chronicling the ways in which I feed my child, hopefully inspiring others to feed their children differently. I am very interested in eating locally and organically and wish to share my knowledge of how to do so. And of course it is a memoir for Izzy, interweaving food-related tales with our lives. Restaurant reviews, recipes and other food-related items only add to the mix...

Having lived in France and worked with many French children (I am a former teacher at the Lycee in NYC), I am well aware that children can be raised to eat a wide variety of foods. I believe and have written that it is a distinctly American phenomenon for children to have such limited palates. I am glad that your children are such wonderful eaters and it would be nice to hear your insights into how that came to be.

I am sorry that you are so dissatisfied with what you have read and I take heart in knowing that I have helped to inspire some of my other readers and friends to change or (at least try to) their eating ways.

If indeed I do have potential, what would you suggest? What sort of novel ideas did you have in mind?

May your love/hate relationship with my blog continue...how did you find it?

Izzy's Mama

p.s. Have your children eaten cow udder?

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Anonymous said...

Zing, zing, zing, Lynnie. I didn't know you had it in you. Maybe your cranky poster was just hoping to inspire you to add more sauce to your blog. Thank you for the tasty treat.