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Monday, August 6, 2007

Still Room For Dinner and Then Some: Bistro 14

After our experience at Howards, it was time to try one of Long Beach Island's newer restaurants. We came up with Bistro 14, just a five minute walk from us in Bay Village.

Bistro 14 is a pseudo-Frenchy seafood restaurant. When I picked up the menu, Izzy pointed to an appetizer and asked what it was. I told him it was raw clams and although I said that I wasn't sure that was the right food for him, he insisted that it was what he wanted . So I ordered clams on the half-shell for him, along with fried baby artichokes. I had fried oysters and A. had some calamari and Breton clam chowder. Izzy amazed us all when he ate all but one of his clams and proceeded to finish his artichokes. He also tasted everyone else's food and we still hadn't gotten to the main courses.

He whined that he was till hungry and proceeded to eat his goat cheese tart and some of my dinner. He would have eaten more but I had to stop him because I worried that he might get sick. We left the restaurant before the others because he was completely overtired. He went home, straight into bed and instantly fell asleep, no doubt gathering energy for the next day's adventures.


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Anonymous said...

Here's the thing: I find your blog to be so unbelievably snobby and almost embarrassing. Yet, I still read it. I am French (raised here by my parents and grandparents). So, you probably think that's great, given your self-described "francophile" label. Anyway, I feel like I could rip apart almost every one of your entries. They are so annyoing! My children have been eating all the things your child eats, for the past 15 years. You haven't "invented" anything here. Is there any way you could write about something more interesting or novel? There's potential here.