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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Scooting and Schlepping: Stroller-Free In NYC

Izzy reached a milestone this week. He agreed to go to NYC without his stroller. I was hesitant to allow it because he is very attached to his stroller and rarely wants to get up and walk.

I decided to honor his request because I figured we would have to try it sometime and if worse came to worse we could just hop in a taxi (and risk his life with no seat belt, I know.) He took his scooter. I brought my picnic backpack, a string bag and small purse.

Izzy scooted with ease, narrowly dodging passersby, whilst I tried my best not to intervene too much. He did fine. I, on the other hand, had a very difficult time.

I had nowhere to put my food purchases. My back ached from the backpack, filled with food, toys and other kid paraphernalia. My arms were sore from the string bag stuffed with Whole Foods purchases. Not only that, but from time to time, I needed to carry the scooter when Izzy just felt like walking. Mind you, that was a day of light shopping.

I suppose I could just start taking the granny cart but that seems like a bit much for light shopping..There must be a better way..

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