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Saturday, August 25, 2007

What Are THESE? The Sad Fate of Some of This Week's Pickins

And what does one do with them? I misplaced the farmer's identifier for the week and couldn't seem to find the link on his site. I thought my list said that this week's delivery included zucchini and I had intended to prepare them as such. I needed a side dish for tonight's dinner so cut open the small one and although it didn't smell like any zucchini I had ever met before, I began to grate it.

It sure smelled pumpkiny to me..maybe that's what happens when you leave it outside the fridge for too many days. I thought the air was cool enough but perhaps today's heat did them in.

Whatever the case I had no choice but to discard the grated mess. Meanwhile, the larger one of the two still waits, taunting me on the counter. Ideas?
I might add that that was only one of this evening's ruined veggies. I know that when you get fresh-picked corn you are supposed to eat it right away, otherwise the sugars turn to starches. I was unable to heed my own advice and I cooked the corn from Tuesday, tonight. Izzy's papa summed up the flavor like this: "Animal Feed." Izzy managed only one bit before setting his down. A terrible shame since we all adore corn. I will do better next week.


Anonymous said...

At first, I thought it may be a crookneck summer squash. I looked thru various vegetable books that I have & I am wondering if it a gourd. There is a half pix of one (the the curved part) & ID's it as a Hercules War Club Gourd. If it is a gourd, it probably does taste strange! Interesting.

Izzy's Mama said...

JEP: I don't think it is a gourd because it is supposed to be edible. The farmer does bring gourds around Halloween but I believe it is too early for those. I will get to the bottom of this on Tuesday when I see the farmer.