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Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Unbearable Heat: Too Little and Too Much To Eat

It has been so hot here down at the shore that we haven't been out on the beach as much as one might imagine. Seems strange, I know, and one would think that we could cool off there but the sun and heat are so intense we can only stay there for short spells.

Today was the hottest day thus far so I decided we would keep away from the beach until the late afternoon. The morning slipped away after a simple breakfast at home of yogurt and watermelon. When 11 o'clock rolled around and we still hadn't ventured out, I decided it was too late to start slathering up and preparing for sun, only to have to come back home and bathe for lunch.

At around 12:30, we hopped into the car with Grandpa Joe and Grandma Laurie, in search of something to eat. We pulled up at the Holiday Snack Bar and I was sent on a reconnaissance mission. This unique establishment seemed to be lifted from another decade, a fascinating relic with a counter full of cakes and pies. Unfortunately I knew the lack of air-conditioning would make this choice an impossibility for today but I assure you: Izzy and I will be back and SOON for a more complete picture.

Meanwhile it was back in the car for a quick ride over to the Black Whale, another restaurant in the fried foods beach genre. I could tell from the looks of it that it wouldn't be my cup of tea but the others wanted to try it. I ordered a soft-shell crab sandwich which only had one measly crab on it and I ordered some garlicky baked clams for Izzy. Poor Izzy ate his six tiny clams and was still ravenous, munching on some sort of tasteless oyster cracker that had been placed in buckets on the table. I felt hopeless as I watched him pop those crackers into his mouth, along with some of the mediocre fries and a pickle that had come with my meal. He was clearly still hungry.

When this unsatisfying lunch was over, back into the car again, with a plan to check out Marvel's, a place L. had told us had homemade doughnuts. Well Izzy, overloaded with carbs and fat, promptly fell asleep in the car and when we arrived at Marvel's it was closed. We made our way back home and I was able to transfer Izzy into his bed where he proceeded to nap for over two hours until I finally woke him, worried that he would never go to bed.

We did eventually make it to the beach, where Izzy splashed around for a bit until the black biting flies chased me away. Good thing because it was almost time for a late dinner. In the car, yet again for a ride to Raimundo's, one of the Island's better Italian restaurants.

To be continued...

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