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Monday, August 27, 2007

Swamp Grapes

Bet they don't sell these where you live... I found them at the Korean Market on Newark Avenue, in lovely, downtown Jersey City. Both Izzy and I needed to sniff them. They even had them in two colors, purple and pale green. Does anyone have any idea where these grow and what one does with them? We will have to hurry back and buy some.


Anonymous said...

I googled swamp grapes and I must say their proper names are even more appealing -- scuppernongs (the green ones) and muscadines (the burgundy and purple ones). Apparently this isn't the first time scuppernongs have been featured in literary works. You'll be happy to know you're among the ranks of Harper Lee and William Faulkner. You and Charles Chesnut, proud author of The Goophered Grape, are sure to be vying for third most prominent mention. Lots of luck.


Anonymous said...

Hilarious! this makes me miss JC