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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Uncle Will's Pancakes: Worth The Wait?

I had to wonder as we passed the throngs of families standing out in front. We also passed crowds congregating outside some other LBI breakfast spots like The Chicken and The Egg and Fred's Beach Haven Diner. What was the great attraction to these breakfast establishments? Maybe Uncle Will's could provide some clues.

We waited an entire hour before being seated at Uncle Will's. The menu is certainly reasonably priced which might account for its insane popularity. The food itself, was a different story. I had eggs over easy with a side of pancakes with fresh peaches. The pancakes were spongy, the peaches none too fresh and they were served with faux maple syrup. Izzy's french toast and turkey sausage was none too pleasing either. My brother, not usually picky, didn't even like his bagels and lox. My niece, J., remarked, "I could make better pancakes myself." Only L. was happy with her dish, some type of quesadilla. We also sampled many other items from the menu, none of which would warrant such interminable waits.

There was nothing particularly remarkable about this restaurant aside from the kitsch factor and the low prices. Wouldn't it be simpler to just have a bagel and get to the beach?

I had to wonder about this distinctly American phenomenon. Why indeed do Americans endure these waits, especially during Summer vacations where it would be best to eat light before squeezing into one's swimsuit..?

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Anonymous said...

I agree -- I have no idea why that place is so popular -- I guess it's the only game in town for pancakes.