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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Pinkberry: Too Good To Be True?

Hype, lines, frozen yogurt...I had heard and read it all but up until today I had no firsthand knowledge.

As luck would have it, we had an errand in the neighborhood of a Pinkberry store..one on 8th Avenue in Chelsea. It is quite a basic formula..Two flavors of yogurt, plain and green tea, chopped fruits for toppings (also chocolate chips, coconut and other less healthy choices). I had a small plain with mango and raspberries while Izzy had one with just mango. It was smooth, tart and refreshing..If I lived nearby I am sure I would eat this all of the time, imagining that it is truly healthy..but is it?

I looked on their website for ingredients and they only provide nutritional information. 1 oz has 25 calories..that doesn't seem bad but it seemed to me that the "small" cup I ordered was far more than 5 ozs. It is also considerably suspicious that they don't list the ingredients..what are they hiding? Does anyone know what is in this product?

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