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Thursday, August 30, 2007

GO Gone Kaput

GO: Gourmet Organic, our neighborhood's attempt at providing bread, cheese, produce and other upscale comestibles, has finally thrown in the towel. Probably not much of a surprise to many locals who according to jclist, had not been great fans of the place.

I suspected something was amiss when I saw that they had a sign that read, "Closed For Two Weeks Starting July 23"..yet it was well past that date and there was still no sign of life inside. I saw one of the owners today who confirmed that they had indeed sold. Sad news that GO failed but let's face it, it needed work.

The good news is that the owners of La Rustique, which many consider to be the best pizzeria in Jersey City (which may not be such a high accolade considering how dire our pizza situation is) have bought it and have some plans to turn into more of a deli/pizzeria..

I can only hope that the bring an affordable and tasty new eating option to the Hamilton Park neighborhood, for we could truly use one.

p.s. Despite its many faults, I will always hold fond memories of Izzy sampling cheese at GO and craving the ficelles they used to get from Hudson Breads...alas, it wasn't meant to be.

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